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Shoot Stupid Cupids

I was really bored this morning. I had an appointment that was pushed back two hours, and only found out about it when I got there. With so much time to kill, I decided to ransack the local 99? store’s candy supply. Two bags of Brach’s Sweethearts and a half pound of chocolate is what […]


I just noticed that some of my posts are missing. Looks like my site has finally been moved to the new server, minus a couple days worth of content. Good thing I have local backups of my posts. Rather than mess with post numbers in the database, I’ll just put them back up. Sorry about […]

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone. Sorry the site’s been so slow lately. I’m hoping it’ll be fixed by the time I get back, somewhere between the 25th and 27th. Until then, you sexy pervs. xoxo, Mercy

Still working on the theme

The bugs are annoying, but to be expected. The margins need tweaking. I forget what all else n’ stuff. Yes, I am a neek*. Please view some of my credentials below. 67.06114% – Geek Goddess My computer geek score is greater than 100% of all people in the world. (No, not really. Just compared to […]

Working Title.

This is just a placeholder. Move along.

Lorem Ipsum

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