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Love Thyself—Repeatedly

Lately I’ve taken to carrying a small masturbation arsenal around with me. This could be because I have this spiffy new bag that’s a laptop case and purse all rolled into one. I’ve never been very comfortable carrying a purse for some reason, but now that I’m all respectable and have a career n’ stuff, […]

Welcome Back, Me

I've moved to another host, so if anyone has experienced my frustrating downtime, you can rest assured that it's now over. I just spent a few hours restoring databases and updating the other sites, so I'll post just a quick blurb of news before I drag my sorry behind into bed. First, I've joined the […]

Orgasm Chart

This chart plots my orgasms from November 11, 2006 to the present date, with a huge gap messing up the stats. Here’s the scale: ST:TNG’s New Warp Scale c*1 c*10 c*39 c*102 c*214 c*392 c*656 c*1025 c*1516 infinity; i.e. totally impossible or you’re everywhere (all over the known universe at one and the same time) […]

Phallic Images

I hang out on IRC. A sex server, no less. So I’ve gotten a lot of cock pics from the guys (and from the girls—don’t think we don’t share ’em, boys) I’ve met there. Poking around (no pun intended, just hoped for) on other non-sexually-oriented servers and forums has given me the impression that a […]

For the Bride

I have to say, the concept of the “blushing bride” leaves me cold.  Perhaps if you’ve been saving your virginity for your wedding night, or you’re particularly sexually-inhibited, it’s understandable that one would feel a little abashed when opening all the honeymoon gifts.  It has always been my understanding that bridal shower gifts are either for the […]

Moblogging? Older cameras vs. The advisibility of using them to titillate

I’m switching back to an old mobile phone, since I dropped mine in a bowl of water.  Left it in there overnight, too.  Bet that wasn’t what it needed.  In any case, now I’m wishing that I’d made more use out of its camera function.  I think almost everything looks better in black and white, […]