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Twittering Friends

So maybe you’ve noticed my alien (to the far right) saying odd and random things lately. Well, she’s translating my twitters. These will only show up on the main blog page, otherwise Zad (that’s her name) will exhort you to subscribe to a particular category’s feed. This will probably change in the future, but for […]

Shoot Stupid Cupids

I was really bored this morning. I had an appointment that was pushed back two hours, and only found out about it when I got there. With so much time to kill, I decided to ransack the local 99? store’s candy supply. Two bags of Brach’s Sweethearts and a half pound of chocolate is what […]

Triple Lesbian Double Dong

Triple Lesbian Double Dong: I need this. Take a look at the picture, and you’ll see why it’s called the “triple”. It probably wouldn’t be anatomically suitable for two men, or even one man and a woman. But if you’re a couple of gals, this thing looks like a lovely way to get really close […]

The Ceramic Double Dildo

John Warta is a sculptor who creates ceramic dildos. As pieces of art, and for use, too. I’m showing the double, but there are single dongs as well. They’re safe for use, nonporous, and have a dinnerware-safe glaze. (You know what they say, if you can eat off of it… or something like that, anyway.)

Brothels for Women

I haven’t done too much research, but I haven’t found much on brothels that cater to women. Are Google and the other biggies filtering it all out, or am I just totally out of luck? I know that there are some brothels in Nevada that allow women, some even welcome them, where a chick can […]

Rosebuds: Erotic Jewelry

Thinking about romancing your stone or pearl? I found a site that I’m absolutely in love with. Rosebuds Jewelry leaves me completely at a loss for proper adjectives. Too beautiful to be called butt plugs, these rosebuds of stainless steel, bronze, and yes, semi-precious gemstones, are only one of the types of body jewelry that […]

A Nexus For Him

I found this when I searched Babeland for a Nexus link to use in my previous post: A Nexus for him! I love mine; in some ways I think it’s superior to the Feeldoe. I wonder if the prostate stimulation is comparable to what I get out of the Nexus? It looks a lot like […]

Women Like Blowjobs, Too

This isn’t a fellatio tutorial. If you’re looking for information or tips on giving one, I’d like to suggest Between the Sheet’s Fellatio series. This post is about how I got my first (and only) blowjob. I was watching some porn earlier, and one of the scenes featured a butch giving a femme a blow […]