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Nymphomania: Collect Them All!

How many times have you heard or read the term nymphomaniac? Ever known it to be applied to a man? It’s surprising that many people seem to think this is an actual disease. Yes, there’s such a thing as sexual addiction. Nymphomania, applying only as it does to women and furthering the idea that sexual […]

Sticking It To The Man

I’ve heard the story many times before, and it never gets old. I certainly don’t mean that I enjoy it. Last night I was at a friend’s party celebrating, of all things, a successful hair transplant. Personally, I think it’s a totally vain and sinfully wasteful way to spend your hard-earned cash–bald or balding is […]

Tight Like That

“He said it was nine inches. I mean, come on. Like, nine? He’s lying,” my friend told me. I crunched loudly on my mouthful of croutons and nodded on cue, not really listening. I wondered if I could flag down the waiter and change my drink order to a margarita instead of the iced tea. […]


All the furious vehemence against this delightful little word baffles me. To me, cunt is analogous to cock. I think it’s sexier than the ubiquitous pussy, while the other terms—cunny, box, snatch, to name a few—are just silly and some are just a little too cutesy for me. While it’s not a term that I […]

Where’s the Big O Gone?

It’s 11 pm and I’ve just finished watching two hours of porn. Lots of happy, giggling bi gals, trouncing each other with those long, straight double dildos. I’ve always wondered how they managed to get those to work. I’m almost in awe of their skill. The first (and last) time I tried to use one […]

Random Acts of unKindness

Three separate requests for oral today: “Oh, suck my cock.” “Lick me” and, “Eat me!” All from women, oddly enough. And I walked out of the room totally unsated.

For the Bride

I have to say, the concept of the “blushing bride” leaves me cold.  Perhaps if you’ve been saving your virginity for your wedding night, or you’re particularly sexually-inhibited, it’s understandable that one would feel a little abashed when opening all the honeymoon gifts.  It has always been my understanding that bridal shower gifts are either for the […]