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CA’s Same-sex Marriage Ban goes POOF

I blogged about it on my bisexuality blog, but why not spread it even further? We’re now the second U.S. state to allow same-sex marriages! It’s exciting news for most of us. Even though I won’t be marrying anyone, man or woman, a heart-squeezing fist of happiness keeps pressing out random grins when I think […]

A Recipe for Bitch Cake

This is the love letter someone left on my windshield a few days back. I’ve been called a lot of things, but never a bitch cake. I fucking love it! Too bad she misspelled dyke. Eucalingus thinks it’s a woman who wrote it, and since it’s signed “Whore”, I’m going to assume a teensy bit […]

Be Gay the Pepsi-Cola Way

Soy might not make you gay, but it seems that Pepsi Cola might, or might have at one time. Unfortunately, we know all too well how much credibility can be attributed to advertising. Remember all the spurious claims about smoking being so healthy? I do think it’s rather queer that Pepsi launched its ad with […]

Creating Your Own Erotic Dreams

I’ve had people ask me if the dreams I’ve posted are ones I’ve actually had or if they were erotica presented as wet dreams. Some people think they’re too coherent, or that I’ve elaborated on a fragment or idea I’ve encountered in slumber. They’re real. As real as dreams can be, anyway. I’ve always had […]

In Search of a Glory Hole

Some change would be scattered on the lady?s counter (and it was always a lady?this was a girl/girl fantasy, after all) and if you arranged the coins in an idle, surreptitious way, she would know what particular service you wanted to include in your wash-and-blow-dry. Three coins in a line, standard oral, some finger dipping, clit licking, nothing fancy. Three-two-two in a line, full service.