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Boring Porn > Boring Sex?

I’d planned to spend my Halloween running around town, pitching in for my mom and one of my best friends, attending an evening meeting, and somehow managing to get some paperwork done betwixt it all. Instead, I ditched everyone and everything to stay in and watch some videos a friend had lent me, gorging myself […]


I have a new Technorati Profile for my blog now.  I don’t remember if I had one set up for it at my old url, but here it is now. I forget my other profiles on other sites, but when I find them I’ll post those, too.  Then we can compare my “other” personalities. ; )

Moving On

I’ll be moving the blog to the site root, www.cyberspacebabes.com, over the weekend. This here fancy little url will forward onto the new page. I haven’t done a thing with the root, and it’s really a damn shame, especially since it’s been sitting there oh, so pitifully for oh, so long. [Edit] Obviously you know […]