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Links n’ Kinks for October 11th

This is an incredibly long and (now that I’ve read it) boring post. Some decent links, but all it really was was a test of the LifeStream plugin‘s auto-posting function. I’m sure that people who are much more interesting—and much less prone to idle chitchat on various social networks—will get better use of that feature […]

Trivial musings scrawled in a cramped hand.

I spent a few hours by myself and decided I wanted to write a post by hand. Not usual for me at all. I’d forgotten that you need more light when you’re writing than when you’re typing on a screen. And I used an eraser—again, something I’d not thought about in a long time. This […]

Twitter Tools, Site Updates, and Musings on Personal Pornography

What a pain in the ass the past week or so has been.  I’ve been trying to switch servers, upgrade WordPress (ARGHmotherfuckingargh), and recover posts that were lost in a server crash.  I’ve been somewhat successful there—and sorry about the double posts if you noticed them.  I posted them as I found them, not in […]

Utterly prosaic T-Day wrap

I didn’t think I was still tipsy, but evidently, I am. Yike. Mobile post sent by Mercy using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

Back Again.

Everyone seems to have a post somewhere in their blog apologizing for a lapse in attention.  I have, what—four?  It’s certainly not that I’ve lost interest in sex and sexuality, in sharing these things with others.  It’s not that I’m too busy, though that’s the standard excuse.  What’s really got me down is the fact […]

10 Oddball Things About Me

Okay, so I’ve been tagged by A Slip of a Girl. I read her post earlier this morning, and wondered if I was ever going to get tagged for one of these things. They seem like they’d be a lot of fun. Little did I know how difficult it would be to get to the […]

Coming Out

Almost immediately after my last post, my friend called me to remind me that my parents had no idea that I was a) bisexual b) blogging about my sex life, and c) had no idea about my mental illness. He’s right: I’m still “in the closet” about my sexuality when it comes to my parents, […]

Twitter Tattler

Aside from the fact that Twitter is entirely frivolous and a bit buggy at the moment, I’ve had few problems indulging in this public display of a ephemera. One biggie–and I admit that it’s entirely my fault–is that I treat it like a four-way IM. (If only it could be more than an IM, but […]