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Pressure Corsets

Oh my god, I totally have to share this site. These corsets are freakin’ amazing. Organic, alien, exotic–they’re works of art. I would love to see someone swanning around in one of these babies. More than that, I’d like to fuck someone in one of them. Anybody have one? Tags: latex, rubber, fetish, corsets, lingerie […]

Cock in All its Glory

I like looking at genitals. It’s sexy and fun. Real ones, fake ones, drawn ones, even digital ones. The more the merrier. A few days ago, on the hunt again, I came across A Documentary of Free Penis Pictures. All I can say about this site is: it’s about damn time. I love the fact […]

Clean Sheets Erotica Magazine

The biggest and best free erotica ezines around. Publishes reader-submitted content. This is the site I go to when I need to get my libidinous gears turning again. There’s no one genre, nor is the content categorized beyond erotica, serials, and so on. What you get is almost a toss up. I love that. I […]

G-Spotlight: Babes With Books—Smart girls are hot!

What a great idea! Nothing but pictures of attractive literate females on the Babes With Books blog. I’m quite partial to nerdy girls. Most of the pictures look to be real girls, rather than models posing with books. Admittedly, some look rather fake, but any woman could very well have a bookworm gnawing on her […]