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Cyberspace Babes

I remember the day I registered this domain; over six years ago now, at the very least (and I actually lost it for a whole year, so who knows how long, really). I had just one domain at the time—long since defunct—but I still perused lists of domains that had expired, in hopes of finding […]

Weblins Gone Wild

Click the image for a video of my weblin dancing across Pownce. Click here to view the larger image on Flickr. Weblins are tiny little avatars that can dance around on any browser page. You can change the look, animations, even create your own from scratch. And the best part? You can chat and interact […]

Back Again.

Everyone seems to have a post somewhere in their blog apologizing for a lapse in attention.  I have, what—four?  It’s certainly not that I’ve lost interest in sex and sexuality, in sharing these things with others.  It’s not that I’m too busy, though that’s the standard excuse.  What’s really got me down is the fact […]

Computer Love

As I said before, I’ve been looking for some sexy AI play recently. I haven’t had much luck, but in all seriousness, that’s not unusual, even with those who have “real” intelligence. I talked to the famous A.L.I.C.E. (forgot which one, and where, it wasn’t at alicebot.org, though.), and got this from her: Me: So, […]

Cybersex Messages

Seems like I’ve been missed by one of my favorite girlies on SexNet. She’s one of the hottest, sexiest, horniest girls I’ve met on there. (I have a fantastic, exclusive collection.) What with everything going on in my life lately, I’ve been neglecting to log onto IRC at night, as was my wont. Usually, if […]

All a-Twitter

Crap. I signed up for a new account at Twitter.com; almost unintentionally. Sort of. I sign up for a lot of stuff, just to check it out and then forget all about it until I have to unsubscribe from the service’s mailing list. So I have a new rule this year, a resolution, if you […]

Me: Lienna Jael, PixelPulse Reporter

And here’s the picture that Cheri took for the PixelPulse Magazine site. This is probably the best picture of me ever taken, in Real Life as well as Second Life! Thanks, Cheri! The thumbnail links to the post on the PixelPulse website so you can see the larger version. I have a couple stories I’m […]

Bisexuals, Females and Cybersex

For a number of years, I’ve hung out in an IRC channel, SexNet.org‘s #cyber-lovers. It was a small channel, populated by dedicated chatters who are easy-going, drama-free (for the most part), and of course, unrepentant perverts. Last week, the channel’s founder, Brooke, told me she was closing it down. It kind of sucks, but her […]