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Porn Site Roundup

Sometimes you just want to get off. Normally, I feature the hard-to-find sites, or those that actually have something new and twisted going for them. That doesn’t mean I always get off on the outrĂ©. There are a fair number of times when I masturbate to some absolute trash. We all fall prey to that […]

Bi Sex

A while back there was a post on Boinkology speculating on which was better: hetero-sex or gay-sex? I couldn’t decide, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Certainly, it’s not the first time I’ve come across the question, though usually it’s in a somewhat private venue. If by “somewhat private” we also count those […]

G-Spotlight: Dangerous Femme: Mistress Betka’s BDSM Fetish Sex Blog

Update: Betka’s sites are no longer live, and I have no idea when or if they’ll be back. As of now (April, 2008), both sites linked forward to regular porn sites. Betka Schpitz is fucking hot. Her curvaceous, vinyl-clad image grabbed me the moment I laid eyes on her picture, and to tell the truth […]

Could I Have Been Straight?

I’ve been thinking since my last post. Do we choose to be sexually inhibited? Or straight or bisexual or gay or anything else? They say that experiences shape who we are. If not for mine, would I be someone else today? Might I be one of those prim and proper people, exclaiming ewww over a […]

My Bisexually Apperceived Bias

[edit: I should have titled this “My Apperceived Bisexuality Bias” instead. Too late now, I pinged everybody, but I just can’t stand leaving my mistakes uncorrected.] I had a peculiar encounter at the gym this afternoon. I was sitting in the steam room, eyes demurely downcast when a woman sat down across from me and […]

In Search of Other Bisexuals

I?m at a loss as to how people can tell that I?m bisexual. A friend of mine told me that she?d known from the moment she met me, that I just look bisexual.

Girl-on-Girl Tea Bagging

I?ve had a bag boy fantasy for years. I?m sure the scenario is familiar: nice young man helps a lady in a brazenly short,tight skirt load her groceries into her trunk. Nice young man yields to the seductive voice of the Dark Side and slips a hand between her parted thighs. Within moments, the car windows are steamed over and the two are doing their best to break the chassis.