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Audiolog: Don’t buy panties on sale.

The Man With The Juicy Ass Ran Over My Dog

Eh, my voice is kinda shot. The word on the backseat of the guy’s pants said, “JUICY”.Mobile post sent by Mercy using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

Utterly prosaic T-Day wrap

I didn’t think I was still tipsy, but evidently, I am. Yike. Mobile post sent by Mercy using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

The Devil’s Daughter (An mp3)

If you’re a fan of Rockabilly, you might like this one. Larry Joe Miller and the Rockabilly Rockets, The Devil’s Daughter. I really like the fact that you can’t download the audio files here, since I’m uncomfortable with file sharing. Particularly because many of my favorite artists are relatively obscure and they need all the […]

Now you, too, can play with my udders. Utterz. Whatever.

I signed up for an Utterz account a while back, thinking it’d be easier to just call in and talk to myself. I’ve only just now gotten around to it, mostly because I’ve been running this episode with a friend through my head over and over. So instead of over-filling my friends’ ears with it, […]