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StoyaDoll – Kill the Bear

I’m not into snuff films at all.  Or plushophilia—much.  In fact, I’m not fond of stuffed animals in any way.  Smacking them around and ripping them up was a favorite way for my ex-roommates and I to end a disappointing weekend. Add that to the fact that I love lap dances and hot chicks, and […]

Go Smurf Yourself

I discovered RedTube a little earlier today, and I’ve spent a couple hours browsing the Wild and Crazy channel.  I love weird and twisted, but this…well, this is a whole bunch of Smurfs smurfing each other.  Papa Smurf gets in on the act, and even Gargamel gets to give Smurfette a spin. It’s silly, not […]

ISO Alien Porn

I’m on the search for alien porn. Hentai’s great and all, but I think I’m looking for something different. Whatever it is, I haven’t found it, yet. I did run across some rather interesting sites during my search, though. Speaking of hentai, is there anyone willing to translate the rules or…whatever…for this alien sex game? […]

Tentacle Sex in Second Life

Okay, now this, admittedly, is more my thing. I’ve always loved (and written) alien erotica, with lots of gratuitous, uncalled for tentacle penetration.. Virtual sex in Second Life with alien plant life? I am *so* there. Oh….I am here. Lucky, lucky me.