The Devil’s Daughter (An mp3)

If you’re a fan of Rockabilly, you might like this one. Larry Joe Miller and the Rockabilly Rockets, The Devil’s Daughter. I really like the fact that you can’t download the audio files here, since I’m uncomfortable with file sharing. Particularly because many of my favorite artists are relatively obscure and they need all the […]

Now you, too, can play with my udders. Utterz. Whatever.

I signed up for an Utterz account a while back, thinking it’d be easier to just call in and talk to myself. I’ve only just now gotten around to it, mostly because I’ve been running this episode with a friend through my head over and over. So instead of over-filling my friends’ ears with it, […]

Nipples of the Law

Nipples of the Law <3, from my Flickr photos. Because we all need a little Dredd from time to time. And good gods, it should be as sculpted and topless as possible, right? All thanks to the sexy Erik, by the way.

Back Again.

Everyone seems to have a post somewhere in their blog apologizing for a lapse in attention.  I have, what—four?  It’s certainly not that I’ve lost interest in sex and sexuality, in sharing these things with others.  It’s not that I’m too busy, though that’s the standard excuse.  What’s really got me down is the fact […]


So there’s this guy who’s all into unicorns.  I’m not talking about Unicorn Planet (which is stupid, hilarous, and creepy all at once), this guy’s got it bad for “Charlie Goes To Candy Mountain“.  So of course that gets me thinking about unicorn porn and how I want to get some for him to cure this itch […]

Rewriting stories that are neither pure erotica nor pure fiction

I almost always find fumbling replies to my flirtations totally charming.  My fumblings and stupidity I find incredibly embarrassing, though.  Odd, that.  Feeling stupid over someone (and showing it!) is quite possibly one of the worst things about crushes.  In any case, that’s not what this post is really about. Merely an observation. So, on […]

Bisexuality ain’t a come-on

Oops, this was an accidental double-post. You can read it on the Bisexuality Revamped blog here.

The Lack of Sense and Sensuality

Years ago, encouraged by a friend who was teaching tantric techniques, I started teaching a ridiculously informal and hacked-together course on non-sexual sensuality. ;For almost a year I was winging it, wracking my brains trying to think up sensual activities and ways to encourage people to explore this underrated erotic avenue. Surprisingly, it became popular […]