The Man With The Juicy Ass Ran Over My Dog

Eh, my voice is kinda shot. The word on the backseat of the guy’s pants said, “JUICY”.Mobile post sent by Mercy using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

Bukkake Robin

Bukkake Robin is one of the funnier ones I’ve seen so far. I’ve always been a big fan of Golden and Silver Age comics, as cheesy as they are. This site gathers the best goofy bits all together. And who doesn’t love bukkake, anyway?

Utterly prosaic T-Day wrap

I didn’t think I was still tipsy, but evidently, I am. Yike. Mobile post sent by Mercy using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

Yiff my Orangina

Evidently this is a commercial for a drink called Orangina. Sounds okayish as a drink. As a brand name, my first thought was that it was a cute new word for orangutan vagina. Not something I’d normally be interested in, but it was on Boinkology, and I’ve been getting a big kick out of the […]

Bi Sex

A while back there was a post on Boinkology speculating on which was better: hetero-sex or gay-sex? I couldn’t decide, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Certainly, it’s not the first time I’ve come across the question, though usually it’s in a somewhat private venue. If by “somewhat private” we also count those […]

Pretty Vaginas ARE Real

I came across a clip from the Tyra Banks Show on Stereohyped and got to see a real live vulva puppet. I get that there really are women out there that don’t know much about their girly bits. (We’ll just call them cunts from here on out, shall we? It’s my favorite word and bit. […]

The Blonde says…

This isn’t so much a commentary on death by fetish as an opportunity to be snarky by pointing out stupid writing. Hayes, who had battled drug and alcohol problems, enjoyed sado-masochistic sex sessions with his girlfriend at the time Louise Dix. The blonde told the inquest: “I know that he had a problem with cocaine. […]

How many people have YOU slept with?

Ever notice how people put an emphasis on ‘you’ when they’re asking for sexual statistics? “Have you ever had sex upside down in a divers’ cage whilst being fanned by circling sharks?” Well, no. But if I could, I would. One of the most common questions of this type is the one that involves how […]