September Update

So an update at last.  I promised myself I wouldn’t post until I’d done a rehaul of the site’s template. As you can see, I’m partially there. New colors for once, too. Summer’s been hellish work-wise and personally, and I’m glad it’s almost over. I haven’t had as much time for my on-line activities as […]

Let your fingers do the walking.

This is one of my favorite methods of foreplay.

Porn Site Roundup

Sometimes you just want to get off. Normally, I feature the hard-to-find sites, or those that actually have something new and twisted going for them. That doesn’t mean I always get off on the outré. There are a fair number of times when I masturbate to some absolute trash. We all fall prey to that […]

3D Porn: Pornomation

I love virtual porn. I’m not talking about Second Life, or at least, not exclusively. I mean god-honest, actual 3D-rendered porn. It’s one of the search terms I use on my nightly forays into cyberspace. But I wasn’t looking for virtual kinks tonight; I was looking for alien porn. And came across Pornotopia. 3D alien […]

Panty Thrills

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all have our own private runway shows every time we do a little shopping? The rich and fabulous still get that, and it’s not a new concept. O. Henry’s written short stories about such models, as has Colette and a myriad of other classic authors—most notably telling the […]

GREEN PORNO: Genital Geometry

Isabella Rossellini’s bizarre and wickedly funny performance art, Green Porno, on the Sundance Channel. Eight short clips, eight different bugs and their mating rituals and sexual kinks. Think you’ve had bad sex? It really could be worse.

Virtual Girlfriend

A sort of odd art experiment from an NYU student: a virtual—albeit 2D— girlfriend. A far cry from the virtual lovers David Levy has prophesied for us, this woman is merely a projection on a bed sheet that responds to movement sensors. When you turn, she moves, among a variety of other (clean) positions. I […]

Sex Machines: The Monkey Rocker

I saw this a year or two ago on Talk Sex with Sue, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name. However, I finally found it. It’s called the Monkey Rocker™, and from what I remember seeing on Sue’s show, it’s quiet and smooth. The rocking movement syncs with your (my) natural […]