Steampunk, Sex Toys & Porn

I love paraphernalia If there’s one thing I truly, unfailingly get off on, it’s a good sex toy. Browsing through places like Babeland, I get excited, literally aroused. In a lot of ways, it’s much better than pornography: I know that I can get what I want, when I want it (give or take the […]


Since my update to WordPress 2.6.3 it seems that the Age Verification plugin has stopped working.  I’ve disabled it for the time being, (and if you’re my host reading this, it will be back up ASAP) so I guess I have a project for the evening. Until then, if you’re under 18 and/or the laws […]

Flickr keeps getting better and better

I’ve been planning to make some lingerie for holiday gifts this year. Looking for inspiration, I checked out Flickr and was lucky enough to have a couple guys in panties show up in my search results. I came across the group Men Who Wear Panties & Lingerie while I was browsing through them.  One of […]

Age Verification and other Hacks

I’m starting to rethink the whole lifestream post thing. Or at the least, keep it from posting to the front page (hide the whole category or make it private?). It’s only interesting to me, and the posts do no more than serve as my own personal archives. Anyone who actually wants to see the minutiae […]

Links n’ Kinks for October 12th

October 11th 10:44pm I installed the Lifestream plugin for WP. I think I* prefer that to Friendfeed or any such. 10:49pm @IBTerri Sweet dreams, doll! And have fun tomorrow morning. :) 10:54pm The Victorian Peeper: (Steam)Punk’d Model Trains 11:04pm God, I am ALWAYS losing my mp3 player. This is like 11th grade, when I lost […]

Links n’ Kinks for October 11th

This is an incredibly long and (now that I’ve read it) boring post. Some decent links, but all it really was was a test of the LifeStream plugin‘s auto-posting function. I’m sure that people who are much more interesting—and much less prone to idle chitchat on various social networks—will get better use of that feature […]

October 9th: What I was up to today.

7:31pm Posted 4 tweets on Twitter. (Show Details) Resolutely NOT watching the news. Avoiding political chatter is like avoiding perfume sales people. Even if you run, you still get overspray Okay, gonna head right on home now. I think. I’m really starting to like Posterous. Can I have free lunch, too? 7:41pm Bookmarked 3 links […]

Trivial musings scrawled in a cramped hand.

I spent a few hours by myself and decided I wanted to write a post by hand. Not usual for me at all. I’d forgotten that you need more light when you’re writing than when you’re typing on a screen. And I used an eraser—again, something I’d not thought about in a long time. This […]