Another Jaunt in Second Life: ISO Santa

I spent a few hours in Second Life last night, getting different ideas for stories. Having the PixelPulse Reporter title is so awesome, because hot women want to talk to you. I visited different peep-show and strip clubs, and I loved that most of them were idealized versions of what such clubs should be. Of […]

Sticking It To The Man

I’ve heard the story many times before, and it never gets old. I certainly don’t mean that I enjoy it. Last night I was at a friend’s party celebrating, of all things, a successful hair transplant. Personally, I think it’s a totally vain and sinfully wasteful way to spend your hard-earned cash–bald or balding is […]

Who Wants a Spanking?

Once in a while, I love a good spanking. Giving as well as receiving, but I’m more likely to give them. Sometimes spankings are given in a punishment scenario, mostly because I love to combine role-playing with damn near anything. There’s nothing like disciplining the naughty. I’ve used a flogger and paddle before, but openhanded […]

G-Spotlight: A Slip of a Girl

When it comes to intimate couture, I love seeing it, but not wearing it. I really don’t feel comfortable in lace or sheer fabrics. I’m more the vinyl and leather kind of girl; the closest I get to lingerie is plain satin, and it’d better be black or red. On others, though, lingerie is incredibly […]

Another Dream: Man or Machine?

It’s pouring tonight, and I’m sitting on the patio as I type. After so many warm, dry days, I feel clean and refreshed. I love the rain. I just spent the last half hour watching the shimmer of it sleet down and chatting pleasantly with an old friend of mine. We hadn’t talked at all […]

G-Spotlight: 5 Finger Pie

While it’s not a sex blog per se, it’s written by a very sexy woman, and the site’s name, 5 Finger Pie, sends all kinds of salacious images careening through my mind and little licks of electricity tingling in my extremities.

G-Spotlight: Viviane’s Sex Carnival

It’s like Mardi Gras for my clitoris. And what a carnival it is, too! There are so many things there to titillate even the most jaded appetite.

My New G-Spotlight for Sexy Blogs

I’ve been wanting to profile a bunch of sites that I’m interested in, and keep them in the spotlight so they don’t get lost among my other posts. So I’m unveiling my new G-Spotlight. Yay. : )