Vacation on the Rocks, Part 1

I’ve been back from my vacation for a few days. When I try to think of the words to describe it, my mind doesn’t draw a blank, it is flooded with images and emotions. None of it was what I expected. When I first decided I needed some time away from my usual daily grind, […]

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone. Sorry the site’s been so slow lately. I’m hoping it’ll be fixed by the time I get back, somewhere between the 25th and 27th. Until then, you sexy pervs. xoxo, Mercy

My God, You’re a Whore

I was reading through some of the nice comments people have left me this morning. A comment by Betka Spitz reminded me of something I’d been meaning to write about, something we women should be encouraging in each other: as Betka put it, unapologetic sexuality. (Thanks, Betka!) On with the story. Last week some friends […]

G-Spotlight: The Holiday Life

I came across Clayton Holiday’s blog, The Holiday Life, on the very day of his last post. He was moving on to pursue other avenues of writing. I read through some of his previous posts. Rampant with desire, lyrical, honest, passionate; this was the blog of a bisexual man in an open marriage. I was […]

A Nexus For Him

I found this when I searched Babeland for a Nexus link to use in my previous post: A Nexus for him! I love mine; in some ways I think it’s superior to the Feeldoe. I wonder if the prostate stimulation is comparable to what I get out of the Nexus? It looks a lot like […]

Bend Over, Gender

My guy and I are both bisexual. We were up late last night, talking in a sultry, desultory way, when our conversation took an unexpected turn. I confessed that I felt somewhat insecure about the size of my Nexus and Feeldoe. It’s ridiculous, feeling that my dildo might be inadequate. Don’t I always say it’s […]

Cure for Heterosexuality a Hoax?

Gods, did you know that soy is making kids ‘gay’? James Rutz of Megashift Ministries needs to cite some hard evidence when he makes such spurious claims, or he’s going to have a bunch of wanna-be gays pounding on his door when they figure out that, hey, this is just bullshit. Unfortunately, there’s still no […]

A New Bisexuality Blog

I signed up for a blog just so I could get an API key for YouTube, and that was only because I wanted to post the Ducky Doolittle video. (I’m smitten with Ducky. She makes me go misty.) I felt extremely lucky that my first choice,, was available. In case you hadn’t noticed, […]