By the Shore

I've FINALLY figured out how to make the WP Postie plugin post images automatically from Second Life. Before it was just posting text and ignoring the embedded images. Castor (77, 95, 23)

The Mon Veneris Trap

No one would pose for me, so I had to do it myself. Now tell me this isn’t friggin’ hot.

Horse Play

I admit, I hadn’t thought about Pony Shows here in Second Life. When I first came upon this bad boy, a pretty little chick was putting him through his paces. (He didn’t move, or even blink. Must be a sex toy. Or a bad lover.) If you’re looking for him, he’s here in Dark Delights. […]

Tentacle Sex in Second Life

Okay, now this, admittedly, is more my thing. I’ve always loved (and written) alien erotica, with lots of gratuitous, uncalled for tentacle penetration.. Virtual sex in Second Life with alien plant life? I am *so* there. Oh….I am here. Lucky, lucky me.

Second Life: Sexy Locks

I wanted a slight change from my usual hairstyle, which you can see in the background. Unfortunately, while I was screwing around, I changed my features, not just my hair. I’m trying to recapture the innocence now, but I’m still pretty hopeless when it comes to whipping up a new face. I’m not even that […]

Penis Love, Not Envy

Yay, I found more phallic images! I still have my favorite, of course. To go along with that, and the Documentary of Free Penis Pictures post is another with the same goal: This site has quite large (yum) images for the best view. As tasty as I find the images, the site itself is […]

Manties & More Men in Panties

I’ve been spending some of my free time searching for more men in lingerie and panties sites. Most are pay sites, and if I signed up for every genre I’m interested in, I’d soon be broke. So I refrain. ‘Cuz I’m cheap. But mostly because I’m more interested in guys who enjoy wearing women’s underwear, […]

Vacation on the Rocks, Part 2

I’m not much of a one for camping. I’ll sleep on the ground if I’m on a several-day hike, but I don’t see sleeping outdoors as an enjoyable activity in itself. Driving out to the woods and pitching a tent, sitting around a fire, doing nothing else, doesn’t seem fun to me. Frankly, I think […]