Caught My First Virtual Man

Look! I caught a man! This is an old and very good friend of mine who’s just signed up for a Second Life account: Teufeltanz Vansant. I coerced him into Cheri’s cage. I meant to bind him up in the courtyard, too, but he got disconnected. *sigh* Next time. Orion (237, 12, 47)

Bound in Second Life

Bound in the PixelPulse Headquarters' courtyard. How I wish… Orion (227, 72, 42)

The Missing Touch of the Taboo

Okay, so Eucalingus was right: this isn’t chocolate. We were talking about (read: lusting over) this lovely image a few days ago, and this morning I came across it again at CyberDyke‘s Pic of the Day page. (You can see the POTD in the right sidebar.) We’re both totally in love with this site. I […]

MMF Free Porn

Okay, I snagged these off of another site (obviously), but I want to look at them in the morning. Don’t want to lose the link, either. I just got off so I’m not in the mood right now. But I will be. I surfed into this site from Sweat Shop Sissy’s blog. (Thanks, S3!) Anyone […]

CyDy Blog’s Call For Submissions

I’ve seen some interesting calls for submissions on the CyDy Blog lately. One is of particular interest to me, although I’m not a lesbian. Entitled “Visible: A Femmethology”, Merge Press is looking to create an anthology of writing on queer femme identity. Aside from quite a lot of lesbians-for-lesbians pornography and male fantasies, femmes are […]

G-Spotlight: Big Butt Nicole’s Blog

I have a new blogger to add to my list of favorites: Big Butt Nicole. She puts the beautiful in BBW. Her blog is part of her porn site (in the amateur BBW genre), and one of the things I particularly like about this blog is that it’s truly a personal blog. So many sites […]

Morning Wood

I’m so randy right now. There’s a knot behind my pubic bone, driving me crazy with the urge to have it stroked and fucked and pounded out. Is this similar to morning wood, I wonder? Why this agonizing need for satiation? Maybe another wet dream that I’ve forgotten. I’m barely awake, too…still trying to grasp […]

A Recipe for Bitch Cake

This is the love letter someone left on my windshield a few days back. I’ve been called a lot of things, but never a bitch cake. I fucking love it! Too bad she misspelled dyke. Eucalingus thinks it’s a woman who wrote it, and since it’s signed “Whore”, I’m going to assume a teensy bit […]