Manly Men in Panties

Before my host (once again) switched my site to another server, someone posted an interesting comment on one of my Men in Panties posts.  I can’t remember who it was (Was that you, A?), but I remember the gist: What do we ladies think of manly men in panties? Well, if you didn’t know before, […]

Crazy Med Girl Returns To Coherence

So I’m finally off those medications I’d had prescribed for my BDD n’ OCD.  The withdrawls were vicious and I’m still feeling the lingering aftereffects, but thank the fucking gods I’m almost done with it.  I figured I’d give this therapy and medication crap a year, but yeah, okay.  Fuck that.  Therapy I’ll still do, but […]

Sex, Lies, and Contempt

“Hi.” “Hi, back,” I smiled that special imagine-these-lips-elsewhere smile at the pert little brunette next to me at the bar. “What are you ordering?” “Whatever you desire.”  I laid it on thick, sensing she had little or no sense of danger.  Oh Grandma, what big teeth you have! Why thank you, dear; the better to […]

I’m a Peeping Thomasina

A while back I wrote about how I felt I was missing that extra fillip of the taboo. On another post about a problem I was having orgasming, Noche suggested: Maybe think of something really taboo? Break some moral laws in your brain. Think of something really really really wicked and vile. And then enjoy […]

Cyberspace Babes Lost & Found

Okay, I lost some posts AND my theme, so obviously, things are a little wonky. Hopefully they’ll be fixed today and I’ll get all my newer posts back up. In the meantime, feel free to revile my inability to backup a blog that’s important to me. Any comments made in the past few weeks are […]

ISO Alien Porn

I’m on the search for alien porn. Hentai’s great and all, but I think I’m looking for something different. Whatever it is, I haven’t found it, yet. I did run across some rather interesting sites during my search, though. Speaking of hentai, is there anyone willing to translate the rules or…whatever…for this alien sex game? […]

Computer Love

As I said before, I’ve been looking for some sexy AI play recently. I haven’t had much luck, but in all seriousness, that’s not unusual, even with those who have “real” intelligence. I talked to the famous A.L.I.C.E. (forgot which one, and where, it wasn’t at, though.), and got this from her: Me: So, […]

Desperate Masturbation

That’s right, I’m just going to keep posting crappy mobile phone pics because I have nothing to say. I haven’t had much time to spend writing these past few weeks, or heck, much of anything else. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, more than twelve hours in a day, sometimes. I get it, it’s part […]