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My New G-Spotlight for Sexy Blogs

I’ve been wanting to profile a bunch of sites that I’m interested in, and keep them in the spotlight so they don’t get lost among my other posts. So I’m unveiling my new G-Spotlight. Yay. : )

Welcome Back, Me

I've moved to another host, so if anyone has experienced my frustrating downtime, you can rest assured that it's now over. I just spent a few hours restoring databases and updating the other sites, so I'll post just a quick blurb of news before I drag my sorry behind into bed. First, I've joined the […]

Orgasms at Warp Speed and the Effects Thereof

The past two days I?ve been rating my orgasms on a scale of one to ten, thanks to a fantastic fucking idea that was suggested to me by Brad of Bradtastic.

Sexual Bibliotherapy

Since last night’s post, the back of my mind has been cogitating the issue of sexual reticence. I’ve studied a lot of books on sex and sexuality, mainly for the tips, to be sure, but I managed to pick up more than a little information, and even correct a lot of misinformation I’d learned as […]

Sexual Honesty: A Bad Girl Found Out

I once ran across a Mae West quote so apt, I’ve made it my signature on many on-line venues. “There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out.” I’d been a fan, since my mother had nurtured a love of the old black and whites in me, but I don’t think I […]

Vintage Cars & Vintage Sex

I followed a stranger I saw in opposing traffic today. For miles. Actually, it was only three, but still. I didn’t even get a glimpse of the unknown’s face until she turned into a shopping mall parking lot. She. Driving a late fifties Plymouth Sport Fury. Not my dream car, but damn close enough. I’d […]

Moblogging? Older cameras vs. The advisibility of using them to titillate

I’m switching back to an old mobile phone, since I dropped mine in a bowl of water.  Left it in there overnight, too.  Bet that wasn’t what it needed.  In any case, now I’m wishing that I’d made more use out of its camera function.  I think almost everything looks better in black and white, […]

My Come-hither Approach to Dating

I joined some dating site a while back. How’d I get there? A relatively short story: someone recommended I join to “check it out” and I stuck around. So here’s what I decided would almost instantaneously make men fall in love with me. (Imagine my image here, surrounded by “stats”.) Me: A vegetarian who wears […]