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Rosebuds: Erotic Jewelry

Thinking about romancing your stone or pearl? I found a site that I’m absolutely in love with. Rosebuds Jewelry leaves me completely at a loss for proper adjectives. Too beautiful to be called butt plugs, these rosebuds of stainless steel, bronze, and yes, semi-precious gemstones, are only one of the types of body jewelry that […]

G-Spotlight: Babes With Books—Smart girls are hot!

What a great idea! Nothing but pictures of attractive literate females on the Babes With Books blog. I’m quite partial to nerdy girls. Most of the pictures look to be real girls, rather than models posing with books. Admittedly, some look rather fake, but any woman could very well have a bookworm gnawing on her […]

G-Spotlight: The Holiday Life

I came across Clayton Holiday’s blog, The Holiday Life, on the very day of his last post. He was moving on to pursue other avenues of writing. I read through some of his previous posts. Rampant with desire, lyrical, honest, passionate; this was the blog of a bisexual man in an open marriage. I was […]

A New Bisexuality Blog

I signed up for a blog just so I could get an API key for YouTube, and that was only because I wanted to post the Ducky Doolittle video. (I’m smitten with Ducky. She makes me go misty.) I felt extremely lucky that my first choice,, was available. In case you hadn’t noticed, […]

G-Spotlight: Dangerous Femme: Mistress Betka’s BDSM Fetish Sex Blog

Update: Betka’s sites are no longer live, and I have no idea when or if they’ll be back. As of now (April, 2008), both sites linked forward to regular porn sites. Betka Schpitz is fucking hot. Her curvaceous, vinyl-clad image grabbed me the moment I laid eyes on her picture, and to tell the truth […]

G-Spotlight: A Slip of a Girl

When it comes to intimate couture, I love seeing it, but not wearing it. I really don’t feel comfortable in lace or sheer fabrics. I’m more the vinyl and leather kind of girl; the closest I get to lingerie is plain satin, and it’d better be black or red. On others, though, lingerie is incredibly […]

G-Spotlight: 5 Finger Pie

While it’s not a sex blog per se, it’s written by a very sexy woman, and the site’s name, 5 Finger Pie, sends all kinds of salacious images careening through my mind and little licks of electricity tingling in my extremities.

G-Spotlight: Viviane’s Sex Carnival

It’s like Mardi Gras for my clitoris. And what a carnival it is, too! There are so many things there to titillate even the most jaded appetite.