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Twitter Tools, Site Updates, and Musings on Personal Pornography

What a pain in the ass the past week or so has been.  I’ve been trying to switch servers, upgrade WordPress (ARGHmotherfuckingargh), and recover posts that were lost in a server crash.  I’ve been somewhat successful there—and sorry about the double posts if you noticed them.  I posted them as I found them, not in […]


I’ve mentioned Manties before.  From time to time, I spend a few hours searching for something comparable in the “men in panties” category. Sometimes I bag the bogus. It seems that even Mars (yup, the big candy conglomerate) has  gotten into the game. Maybe they’re not truly selling panty hose to guys, but they’re using […]

Virtual Sex

Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s weird.   I have no idea who the other people are. Mostly because they don’t want to be recognized. We really don’t want anyone to know we have virtual-cyber-3d-scripted-type sex, do we? We’ll call them Lessimus Maximus and uh, Boy Toy.

Audiolog: Don’t buy panties on sale.

The Man With The Juicy Ass Ran Over My Dog

Eh, my voice is kinda shot. The word on the backseat of the guy’s pants said, “JUICY”.Mobile post sent by Mercy using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

Utterly prosaic T-Day wrap

I didn’t think I was still tipsy, but evidently, I am. Yike. Mobile post sent by Mercy using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3

The Blonde says…

This isn’t so much a commentary on death by fetish as an opportunity to be snarky by pointing out stupid writing. Hayes, who had battled drug and alcohol problems, enjoyed sado-masochistic sex sessions with his girlfriend at the time Louise Dix. The blonde told the inquest: “I know that he had a problem with cocaine. […]

The Devil’s Daughter (An mp3)

If you’re a fan of Rockabilly, you might like this one. Larry Joe Miller and the Rockabilly Rockets, The Devil’s Daughter. I really like the fact that you can’t download the audio files here, since I’m uncomfortable with file sharing. Particularly because many of my favorite artists are relatively obscure and they need all the […]