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Dispelling the myth.

Babeland Hollywood’s Singles Mixer

Looks like I figured out what I’m going to do tonight to celebrate my emancipation. I totally love Babeland. One Key Away: Queer Singles Mixer Friday, February 09, 07:30 pm, FREE Join Babeland and City Beat for our Valentine’s Day Queer Singles Mixer. Enjoy complimentary cocktails, hors d’oeuvre, music, and hand massages! This event is […]

Sexual Bibliotherapy

Since last night’s post, the back of my mind has been cogitating the issue of sexual reticence. I’ve studied a lot of books on sex and sexuality, mainly for the tips, to be sure, but I managed to pick up more than a little information, and even correct a lot of misinformation I’d learned as […]

Sexual Honesty: A Bad Girl Found Out

I once ran across a Mae West quote so apt, I’ve made it my signature on many on-line venues. “There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out.” I’d been a fan, since my mother had nurtured a love of the old black and whites in me, but I don’t think I […]

Vintage Cars & Vintage Sex

I followed a stranger I saw in opposing traffic today. For miles. Actually, it was only three, but still. I didn’t even get a glimpse of the unknown’s face until she turned into a shopping mall parking lot. She. Driving a late fifties Plymouth Sport Fury. Not my dream car, but damn close enough. I’d […]

My Come-hither Approach to Dating

I joined some dating site a while back. How’d I get there? A relatively short story: someone recommended I join to “check it out” and I stuck around. So here’s what I decided would almost instantaneously make men fall in love with me. (Imagine my image here, surrounded by “stats”.) Me: A vegetarian who wears […]

Eyes Wide Open

Have you ever gone out with someone who seemed great, but looked kind of crazy? I did. Many times, actually, but only once since I thought I’d learned better. Here’s the scenario. I talk to a friend from college on YIM fairly often. He, being so caring, thinks it might be a fan-freakin-tastic idea to […]