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Cure for Heterosexuality a Hoax?

Gods, did you know that soy is making kids ‘gay’? James Rutz of Megashift Ministries needs to cite some hard evidence when he makes such spurious claims, or he’s going to have a bunch of wanna-be gays pounding on his door when they figure out that, hey, this is just bullshit. Unfortunately, there’s still no […]

The Amazing Ducky DooLittle

I just finished reading her incredible book recently, Sex With the Lights On, and saw this video on Susie Bright’s blog. I had to have it here for myself, and to share with others, of course. ; ) If you haven’t heard of Ducky before, let me introduce you to a sexy sex educator, author, […]

Sexual Freedom: A Call to Arms

I used to believe that almost no one adhered to the strict hush-hush-missionary-only-no-hanky-panky norm. Over the years, though, I’ve been presented with evidence to the contrary. Like many people, I surround myself with friends and acquaintances who share my interests. I have a wide variety of interests, however, and different groups of people who share […]

Label Me, Baby

I came across a beautiful forum post about gender whilst hunting for gay male porn, and I had to share: It’s much easier to formulate an identity when you have limited options. I am, or I am not. You are, you are not. I am like you, I am not like you. Like a logic […]

G is for G-Spot (That’s Good Enough For Me)

I went to lunch with a friend of mine who wanted me to meet her visiting relative. As talk usually does, ours quickly took a sexual turn, much to the discomfort of the country cousin and bemusement of my friend. (Actually, Cousin is from Detroit and I can’t remember if she’s really a cousin or […]

Love Thyself—Repeatedly

Lately I’ve taken to carrying a small masturbation arsenal around with me. This could be because I have this spiffy new bag that’s a laptop case and purse all rolled into one. I’ve never been very comfortable carrying a purse for some reason, but now that I’m all respectable and have a career n’ stuff, […]

Older Women

I’m thirty years old. Chatting amiably with strangers on Second Life the other night, we started trading the basic asl stats. (Me: 30/F/CA) A twenty-two-year-old user chimed in with a comment about how he likes older women when I disclosed my age. *squish* I think it’s insulting to be called an older woman, except…I like […]

A Taoist on The Global Orgasm

Winter Solstice is coming. As a Taoist, I observe the changes of the seasons. Usually with meditation and getting close to nature, at least in some small way. This solstice, however, I’m going to celebrate a little differently: Campaigning for world peace. Naked. With lube. A good friend of mine, the creator of the corporate […]