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Venus Magazine: Now Redeeming Them Sinful Gays

An old girlfriend of mine used to be an avid reader of Venus Magazine. I didn’t read it much myself, since it wasn’t targeting Eurasian bisexuals, but black lesbians and gays, but I did enjoy many of the articles I read while my gal vacuumed. I was completely taken by surprise this morning when I […]

101 Male Sex and Masturbation Issues

101 Male Sex and Masturbation Issues

Articles, surveys, and personal stories on sexuality and masturbation. What’s interesting about this site is that the surveys results aren’t from multiple choice questions, they’re real answers to one or two questions from real people. This gives the reader more insight than usual. The content is totally free, and the advertising is mostly non-intrusive. There are also links to surveys for and about women.

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CyDy Blog’s Call For Submissions

I’ve seen some interesting calls for submissions on the CyDy Blog lately. One is of particular interest to me, although I’m not a lesbian. Entitled “Visible: A Femmethology”, Merge Press is looking to create an anthology of writing on queer femme identity. Aside from quite a lot of lesbians-for-lesbians pornography and male fantasies, femmes are […]

Bisexuals, Females and Cybersex

For a number of years, I’ve hung out in an IRC channel,‘s #cyber-lovers. It was a small channel, populated by dedicated chatters who are easy-going, drama-free (for the most part), and of course, unrepentant perverts. Last week, the channel’s founder, Brooke, told me she was closing it down. It kind of sucks, but her […]

Penis Love, Not Envy

Yay, I found more phallic images! I still have my favorite, of course. To go along with that, and the Documentary of Free Penis Pictures post is another with the same goal: This site has quite large (yum) images for the best view. As tasty as I find the images, the site itself is […]

Cock in All its Glory

I like looking at genitals. It’s sexy and fun. Real ones, fake ones, drawn ones, even digital ones. The more the merrier. A few days ago, on the hunt again, I came across A Documentary of Free Penis Pictures. All I can say about this site is: it’s about damn time. I love the fact […]

My God, You’re a Whore

I was reading through some of the nice comments people have left me this morning. A comment by Betka Spitz reminded me of something I’d been meaning to write about, something we women should be encouraging in each other: as Betka put it, unapologetic sexuality. (Thanks, Betka!) On with the story. Last week some friends […]

Bend Over, Gender

My guy and I are both bisexual. We were up late last night, talking in a sultry, desultory way, when our conversation took an unexpected turn. I confessed that I felt somewhat insecure about the size of my Nexus and Feeldoe. It’s ridiculous, feeling that my dildo might be inadequate. Don’t I always say it’s […]