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Only women are interested in giving better fellatio?

Tonight on Twitter, TheBetterSexDoc posted a tweet promoting a page containing tips on how to perform better fellatio. Only thing is, the Doc, who is identified as Dr. Mia Glanville as the user behind the tweets, promoted the page as something for women only. I did a double-take! Sorry, but I just never heard of […]

Two Are Better Than One

This is a not-so-stylishly-late introduction for a new author and my old friend, Brooke. She mentioned in her own first post that we’ve known each other for eight or nine years. It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago we were bonding over one beloved chanteuse or another. We still do. Since the […]

Kinsey Institute on the Sexual Satisfaction report

Remember the Men’s Health Magazine report on the top rated cities in sexual satisfaction? Indianapolis topped that list, which seemed pretty iffy to me. Seems Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute thinks so, too. The magazine ranked 100 cities based on condom sales, birthrate and sex-toy sales, said Denny Watkins, Men’s Health reporter. The rankings were part […]

Indianapolis is rated #1 in sexual satisfaction?

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – Forget New York, Los Angeles, or even Miami, Indianapolis is the most sexually satisfied city in the United States, according to a new report. The Indiana city is followed by Columbus, Ohio, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Salt Lake City, Utah, in the report by Men’s Health Magazine that […]

StoyaDoll – Kill the Bear

I’m not into snuff films at all.  Or plushophilia—much.  In fact, I’m not fond of stuffed animals in any way.  Smacking them around and ripping them up was a favorite way for my ex-roommates and I to end a disappointing weekend. Add that to the fact that I love lap dances and hot chicks, and […]

Pretty Vaginas ARE Real

I came across a clip from the Tyra Banks Show on Stereohyped and got to see a real live vulva puppet. I get that there really are women out there that don’t know much about their girly bits. (We’ll just call them cunts from here on out, shall we? It’s my favorite word and bit. […]

How many people have YOU slept with?

Ever notice how people put an emphasis on ‘you’ when they’re asking for sexual statistics? “Have you ever had sex upside down in a divers’ cage whilst being fanned by circling sharks?” Well, no. But if I could, I would. One of the most common questions of this type is the one that involves how […]

The Lack of Sense and Sensuality

Years ago, encouraged by a friend who was teaching tantric techniques, I started teaching a ridiculously informal and hacked-together course on non-sexual sensuality. ;For almost a year I was winging it, wracking my brains trying to think up sensual activities and ways to encourage people to explore this underrated erotic avenue. Surprisingly, it became popular […]