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What I want, what I got, & what I can’t get.

Boring Porn > Boring Sex?

I’d planned to spend my Halloween running around town, pitching in for my mom and one of my best friends, attending an evening meeting, and somehow managing to get some paperwork done betwixt it all. Instead, I ditched everyone and everything to stay in and watch some videos a friend had lent me, gorging myself […]

Girl-on-Girl Tea Bagging

I?ve had a bag boy fantasy for years. I?m sure the scenario is familiar: nice young man helps a lady in a brazenly short,tight skirt load her groceries into her trunk. Nice young man yields to the seductive voice of the Dark Side and slips a hand between her parted thighs. Within moments, the car windows are steamed over and the two are doing their best to break the chassis.

No Balloons, No Party…wait, I thought you meant condoms!

The last time I played with balloons and a few friends, I remember chasing lubed balloons around a friend?s living room, trying to pop them (unsuccessfully, I might add) with my ass, stomach, and feet. It was a lot of fun, definitely sensual?as if rubbing lubed, round objects on your partners could ever be anything but sensual.

Whorecraft – Porn for Geeks. Life just keeps getting better and better.

Okay, I just saw the first episode of Whores of Warcraft , Rogues Do It from Behind and it’s pretty clever. Puts a whole new spin on the Twisting Nether.

Going Down

Elevators are trippy things. Erotically speaking, they’re rife with potential…or so you say to yourself while you’re waiting for one to arrive.

Dental Damsel

I hate dentist appointments. Not because I’ve ever been tortured there; in fact, that would be a nice change of pace. It’s so boring, lounging around, staring at the ceiling, avoiding eye contact with your dentist and his bunny-print-clad assistant. Today, however, the stars that govern mastication and its acolytes must have been perfectly aligned, […]