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What I want, what I got, & what I can’t get.

My God, You’re a Whore

I was reading through some of the nice comments people have left me this morning. A comment by Betka Spitz reminded me of something I’d been meaning to write about, something we women should be encouraging in each other: as Betka put it, unapologetic sexuality. (Thanks, Betka!) On with the story. Last week some friends […]

Men in Panties

I’ve had a couple people ask me why there were no men in panties in my Man Panties post, and I’ve noticed a lot of traffic to it, so I thought I’d post a few links here. My personal favorite is Panty Paul, not because he’s deliciously hot, but because he’s a crossdresser himself. He’s […]

Women Like Blowjobs, Too

This isn’t a fellatio tutorial. If you’re looking for information or tips on giving one, I’d like to suggest Between the Sheet’s Fellatio series. This post is about how I got my first (and only) blowjob. I was watching some porn earlier, and one of the scenes featured a butch giving a femme a blow […]

Tight Like That

“He said it was nine inches. I mean, come on. Like, nine? He’s lying,” my friend told me. I crunched loudly on my mouthful of croutons and nodded on cue, not really listening. I wondered if I could flag down the waiter and change my drink order to a margarita instead of the iced tea. […]

Cybersex Protocol from a Cyber Babe

Most people are probably familiar with the concept of cybersex*, but there’s more to it than some would expect. You can’t just log into a chat server and jump right into it, even if you see others sceneing. There are protocols for behavior in sex channels, as there are for almost any kind of social […]

Sexual Bibliotherapy

Since last night’s post, the back of my mind has been cogitating the issue of sexual reticence. I’ve studied a lot of books on sex and sexuality, mainly for the tips, to be sure, but I managed to pick up more than a little information, and even correct a lot of misinformation I’d learned as […]

Where’s the Big O Gone?

It’s 11 pm and I’ve just finished watching two hours of porn. Lots of happy, giggling bi gals, trouncing each other with those long, straight double dildos. I’ve always wondered how they managed to get those to work. I’m almost in awe of their skill. The first (and last) time I tried to use one […]

Phallic Images

I hang out on IRC. A sex server, no less. So I’ve gotten a lot of cock pics from the guys (and from the girls—don’t think we don’t share ’em, boys) I’ve met there. Poking around (no pun intended, just hoped for) on other non-sexually-oriented servers and forums has given me the impression that a […]