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What I want, what I got, & what I can’t get.

Virtual Sex

Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s weird.   I have no idea who the other people are. Mostly because they don’t want to be recognized. We really don’t want anyone to know we have virtual-cyber-3d-scripted-type sex, do we? We’ll call them Lessimus Maximus and uh, Boy Toy.

Go Smurf Yourself

I discovered RedTube a little earlier today, and I’ve spent a couple hours browsing the Wild and Crazy channel.  I love weird and twisted, but this…well, this is a whole bunch of Smurfs smurfing each other.  Papa Smurf gets in on the act, and even Gargamel gets to give Smurfette a spin. It’s silly, not […]

Bi Sex

A while back there was a post on Boinkology speculating on which was better: hetero-sex or gay-sex? I couldn’t decide, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Certainly, it’s not the first time I’ve come across the question, though usually it’s in a somewhat private venue. If by “somewhat private” we also count those […]


So there’s this guy who’s all into unicorns.  I’m not talking about Unicorn Planet (which is stupid, hilarous, and creepy all at once), this guy’s got it bad for “Charlie Goes To Candy Mountain“.  So of course that gets me thinking about unicorn porn and how I want to get some for him to cure this itch […]

Sex, Lies, and Contempt

“Hi.” “Hi, back,” I smiled that special imagine-these-lips-elsewhere smile at the pert little brunette next to me at the bar. “What are you ordering?” “Whatever you desire.”  I laid it on thick, sensing she had little or no sense of danger.  Oh Grandma, what big teeth you have! Why thank you, dear; the better to […]

ISO Alien Porn

I’m on the search for alien porn. Hentai’s great and all, but I think I’m looking for something different. Whatever it is, I haven’t found it, yet. I did run across some rather interesting sites during my search, though. Speaking of hentai, is there anyone willing to translate the rules or…whatever…for this alien sex game? […]

Whorecraft Trailer

Neat, I came across a trailer for Whorecraft. I mentioned it in brief a few months ago in another post, and since then I’ve watched all the ones that have come out. They’re pretty cool, but not too arousing for the likes of me. Still, I really dig them, and appreciate chicks in metal.

Cocks in Kilts

I’ve mentioned before how entertaining I sometimes find spam. Today I got one (for stock, of all lame things, not for stockings) with the subject line, “included kiltclad Piping”. Now, I don’t know about you, but all kinds of delicious images frittered through my mind when I read that. Of course I’m going to Google […]