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What I want, what I got, & what I can’t get.

Generic Update

Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m now ignoring my blog here.

I had sex for breakfast

It was freakin’ amazing. Sometimes you just want to tell everybody you see. When I was in college (but not on campus) I tried that once. As amusing as it sounds, it was really only funny to me and my friends. Everyone else just gave us dirty looks, except for one woman, who said, “That’s […]

I’m tired of your porn.

Today’s been sucky. I spent well over an hour looking for something arousing, exciting—any kind of porn to turn me on. Results: zip. They’re almost all remakes of the first dirty movie I ever watched. I know this nothing-satisfies-me mood will pass…for a while. I have to wonder, though, how do I find the right […]

Porn Site Roundup

Sometimes you just want to get off. Normally, I feature the hard-to-find sites, or those that actually have something new and twisted going for them. That doesn’t mean I always get off on the outré. There are a fair number of times when I masturbate to some absolute trash. We all fall prey to that […]

3D Porn: Pornomation

I love virtual porn. I’m not talking about Second Life, or at least, not exclusively. I mean god-honest, actual 3D-rendered porn. It’s one of the search terms I use on my nightly forays into cyberspace. But I wasn’t looking for virtual kinks tonight; I was looking for alien porn. And came across Pornotopia. 3D alien […]

GREEN PORNO: Genital Geometry

Isabella Rossellini’s bizarre and wickedly funny performance art, Green Porno, on the Sundance Channel. Eight short clips, eight different bugs and their mating rituals and sexual kinks. Think you’ve had bad sex? It really could be worse.

Weekly Obsession: Morbid Mandy vs Crazy Tentacle Monster

Okay, I found this blog post: Mandy Morbid: Mandy Vs. Crazy Tentacle Sex Monster. What’s not to love, right? So I click. No movie. But there’s a link to—which I’d normally avoid. I don’t like banner- and pop-up-filled sites, or even most pay sites. Even so, there might be a girl having sex with […]

Alleged Jimi Hendrix sex tape to be released –

According to, there may be a Jimi Hendrix tape showing him getting it on released in our near future. Now here’s a celebrity sex tape that I’m mildly interested in seeing, if only because I really want to see Hendrix in action. Though, as my friend Zaphodd says, it’s mildly creepy. Watching a known […]