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Horse Play

I admit, I hadn’t thought about Pony Shows here in Second Life. When I first came upon this bad boy, a pretty little chick was putting him through his paces. (He didn’t move, or even blink. Must be a sex toy. Or a bad lover.) If you’re looking for him, he’s here in Dark Delights. […]

Tentacle Sex in Second Life

Okay, now this, admittedly, is more my thing. I’ve always loved (and written) alien erotica, with lots of gratuitous, uncalled for tentacle penetration.. Virtual sex in Second Life with alien plant life? I am *so* there. Oh….I am here. Lucky, lucky me.

Second Life: Sexy Locks

I wanted a slight change from my usual hairstyle, which you can see in the background. Unfortunately, while I was screwing around, I changed my features, not just my hair. I’m trying to recapture the innocence now, but I’m still pretty hopeless when it comes to whipping up a new face. I’m not even that […]

Another Jaunt in Second Life: ISO Santa

I spent a few hours in Second Life last night, getting different ideas for stories. Having the PixelPulse Reporter title is so awesome, because hot women want to talk to you. I visited different peep-show and strip clubs, and I loved that most of them were idealized versions of what such clubs should be. Of […]

My Date in Second Life

Just some quick images before I go to bed. There was no sex on this first date. See the dress? It was made by the other person in the photos with me. Isn’t it gorgeous? Anyway, as you can see, I changed my avatar again. Not my face so much as the hair and body. […]

My Second Life Avatar

I figured out how to take a snap shot of myself in Second Life. I think my resolution is set too low to take a decent picture, but it’s a fair representation. Shopping might be a good idea right about now. I totally need some sexy new clothes. But I have other plans for my […]

Second Life’s Avatars: Defining Beauty

Last night I wandered around Second Life a bit, taking a closer look at the people and places that are part of the adult scene. I’ve been asked by Cheri Horton to write an article about my initial experiences there for PixelPulse Magazine, which should be printed (hopefully!) in the next issue—which is available exclusively […]

A Second Chance at Deviance

The other day I signed up for Second Life, thanks to Cheri Horton’s PixelPulse Magazine. I’d read some reviews about it previously, and recently noticed it in the news, but until I read Cheri’s magazine, I was unaware of the potential for sexual deviance. Now that I’ve read some of the magazine’s articles, I’m raring […]