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I’m tired of your porn.

Today’s been sucky. I spent well over an hour looking for something arousing, exciting—any kind of porn to turn me on. Results: zip. They’re almost all remakes of the first dirty movie I ever watched. I know this nothing-satisfies-me mood will pass…for a while. I have to wonder, though, how do I find the right […]

A 3-Dimensional View of Misandry

I look at virtual worlds as a glimpse into the future. That may be a fantasy (oh, of course it is), so seeing people bring prejudices into my virtual life makes it—well, less fantastic. One of the blogs I subscribe to recently posted a commentary on a blog post by a virtual (in this case, […]

Virtual Sex

Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s weird.   I have no idea who the other people are. Mostly because they don’t want to be recognized. We really don’t want anyone to know we have virtual-cyber-3d-scripted-type sex, do we? We’ll call them Lessimus Maximus and uh, Boy Toy.

Nipples of the Law

Nipples of the Law <3, from my Flickr photos. Because we all need a little Dredd from time to time. And good gods, it should be as sculpted and topless as possible, right? All thanks to the sexy Erik, by the way.

Caught My First Virtual Man

Look! I caught a man! This is an old and very good friend of mine who’s just signed up for a Second Life account: Teufeltanz Vansant. I coerced him into Cheri’s cage. I meant to bind him up in the courtyard, too, but he got disconnected. *sigh* Next time. Orion (237, 12, 47)

Bound in Second Life

Bound in the PixelPulse Headquarters' courtyard. How I wish… Orion (227, 72, 42)

Posing in Second Life

How do I get this girl to pose? Jeez. She kept looking everywhere but straight at the screen. Kind of like me in Real Life? when someone else is holding the camera. I wonder if there’s any way to get her to do kinky stuff on her own? Or at least pose for the camera…she’s […]

The Mon Veneris Trap

No one would pose for me, so I had to do it myself. Now tell me this isn’t friggin’ hot.