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101 Male Sex and Masturbation Issues

101 Male Sex and Masturbation Issues

Articles, surveys, and personal stories on sexuality and masturbation. What’s interesting about this site is that the surveys results aren’t from multiple choice questions, they’re real answers to one or two questions from real people. This gives the reader more insight than usual. The content is totally free, and the advertising is mostly non-intrusive. There are also links to surveys for and about women.

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Morning Wood

I’m so randy right now. There’s a knot behind my pubic bone, driving me crazy with the urge to have it stroked and fucked and pounded out. Is this similar to morning wood, I wonder? Why this agonizing need for satiation? Maybe another wet dream that I’ve forgotten. I’m barely awake, too…still trying to grasp […]

Missing Orgasm $500 Reward

I’m restless tonight. I can’t sit still, I can’t focus, I can’t sleep. I’ve masturbated with absolutely no luck. One of the weird things that started happening this last year is this “missing orgasm” phenomenon. It happens occasionally; and it’s extremely frustrating. I feel like strangling an orgasm out of somebody. I guess it’s not […]

Bisexuals, Females and Cybersex

For a number of years, I’ve hung out in an IRC channel,‘s #cyber-lovers. It was a small channel, populated by dedicated chatters who are easy-going, drama-free (for the most part), and of course, unrepentant perverts. Last week, the channel’s founder, Brooke, told me she was closing it down. It kind of sucks, but her […]

Climax Blues

One of the interesting things about the Orgasm Chart is that I’m noticing different trends within the few short weeks I’ve been maintaining it. My clitoral orgasms don’t rate very high, and that’s mainly what I’ve been having since last Monday. What I think is curious is that last Monday was stressful and pretty awful, […]

A Taoist on The Global Orgasm

Winter Solstice is coming. As a Taoist, I observe the changes of the seasons. Usually with meditation and getting close to nature, at least in some small way. This solstice, however, I’m going to celebrate a little differently: Campaigning for world peace. Naked. With lube. A good friend of mine, the creator of the corporate […]

Orgasm Stats for November 16 and 17

I found a PHP and Flash chart for these orgasm charts. I’d like to integrate the stats into a WordPress plugin, too, so I can enter them into the database and have the chart pull it directly from there. That should be easier than feeding in separately. I’m interested in seeing the results, personally, and […]

Orgasm Stats for Nov. 14th

I’d like to compile some data to see if there’s any differences between orgasms achieved at home and other places. All the previous ratings were climaxes from masturbation. I keep forgetting to post most of them. Here’s this afternoon’s: 3 (at work, but time was of the essence. I just needed to knock one off.)5 […]