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Ropes & Chains & Whipped Cream

Torturous Restraints & Other Ideas

Sexual torture has always intrigued me. I know that most people think of whips and chains and pain, but when I think of the word torture, I think of the exquisite build up of anticipation, the exhilaration of the unpredictable, capricious thrust of the tongue or cock. Straining toward satiation, yet reveling in the tightly […]

Phallic Images

I hang out on IRC. A sex server, no less. So I’ve gotten a lot of cock pics from the guys (and from the girls—don’t think we don’t share ’em, boys) I’ve met there. Poking around (no pun intended, just hoped for) on other non-sexually-oriented servers and forums has given me the impression that a […]

For the Bride

I have to say, the concept of the “blushing bride” leaves me cold.  Perhaps if you’ve been saving your virginity for your wedding night, or you’re particularly sexually-inhibited, it’s understandable that one would feel a little abashed when opening all the honeymoon gifts.  It has always been my understanding that bridal shower gifts are either for the […]

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