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Ropes & Chains & Whipped Cream

Obligatory Acknowledgement of My Time Away, or, I’m Back

I was going to just go ahead and start writing again. Mostly because I believe that very few people are still subscribed to the feed, but a good part is because I wasn’t sure what to say.  Since you few who are reading this are probably close friends and people I’ve had actual conversations with […]

Cartoons aren’t what they used to be

Actually, I think my cartoons (say twenty to thirty years old) really are what they used to be: terrible, stilted, and trite. That may be why some of them sound like bad hentai. And quite possibly why grown men and women find them so erotic. Gotta love all that cheesy anime porn.   This is […]

My first post

This is My first post on My dear friend Mercy’s blog. I’ve known her for some eight or nine years now. She keeps trying to get Me to web 2.0 sites, and I keep resisting, not tending to move past irc. But I’m going to start posting here about Domination/submission, a passion that has pretty […]

Test post

What am I testing? Imified‘s blog widget. Which—oh my god!—worked. Just a few weeks ago it was spitting errors at me. Now I can easily post from my phone. This’ll make waiting in line a wee bit more interesting.

Steampunk, Sex Toys & Porn

I love paraphernalia If there’s one thing I truly, unfailingly get off on, it’s a good sex toy. Browsing through places like Babeland, I get excited, literally aroused. In a lot of ways, it’s much better than pornography: I know that I can get what I want, when I want it (give or take the […]

Sex Machines: The Monkey Rocker

I saw this a year or two ago on Talk Sex with Sue, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name. However, I finally found it. It’s called the Monkey Rocker™, and from what I remember seeing on Sue’s show, it’s quiet and smooth. The rocking movement syncs with your (my) natural […]

Sex Toys: The Curve

I am loving the look of the Curve right now. Aside from the sinuous shaft and perfectly shaped head, it has a finger-loop for a handle. I’ve never understood why manufacturers didn’t make ergonomic grips for dildos and vibes. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it’s damn sight better than most. The […]

SquarePeg Toys For Your Boys

Jet-black silicone urethral sounds (not audio—a medical instrument for probing, dilating, and stretching, the use of which can be a fetish in its own right), dildos, and various other accessories, from erotic (and usable!) sculptures to dick bits. You really have to see the dick bits, they’re hardcore, awesome pieces made from real hardware: screws, drill bits, bolts.