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Vintage Cars & Vintage Sex

I followed a stranger I saw in opposing traffic today. For miles. Actually, it was only three, but still. I didn’t even get a glimpse of the unknown’s face until she turned into a shopping mall parking lot. She. Driving a late fifties Plymouth Sport Fury. Not my dream car, but damn close enough. I’d […]

Upstaged by a Sexy PDA

I thought I?d use one of those dirty .wav files as an alert for a doctor?s appointment I had this afternoon. It went off while I was waiting in line at the bank, innocently flipping through my check book. I almost jumped out of my skin when my PDA gleefully exclaimed, ?Mmm baby, what a bad boy you are!?

Memetic Sex

I need more memetic sex partners; I’ve found my creativity is multiplied a thousandfold if I have someone consonant I can play mind-tennis with.  (As opposed to bouncing ideas off of someone, we bounce them back and forth, with a snowball effect. Not that kind of snowball…but hmm…there’s an idea to toy with later.) Synergism, […]

Ta daaah! All done.

I moved it all in less than fifteen minutes. I totally rock. I am a geek goddess. Or close enough. ; )

Whorecraft – Porn for Geeks. Life just keeps getting better and better.

Okay, I just saw the first episode of Whores of Warcraft , Rogues Do It from Behind and it’s pretty clever. Puts a whole new spin on the Twisting Nether.

RPC Services for the Deviant

No, this isn?t another post about RPC vulnerabilities. I?m talking about Role playing costumes.