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Bisexuals, Females and Cybersex

For a number of years, I’ve hung out in an IRC channel,‘s #cyber-lovers. It was a small channel, populated by dedicated chatters who are easy-going, drama-free (for the most part), and of course, unrepentant perverts. Last week, the channel’s founder, Brooke, told me she was closing it down. It kind of sucks, but her […]

Make Spam Feed Your Sleaze

One great thing about spam these days is the randomly generated text in the subject lines and bodies. In a hack from the book Mind Performance Hacks, author Ron Hale-Evans suggests seeding your creativity with random words and images, or anything at all, to break your mind out of its rut. Spammers spin out interesting, […]

My New G-Spotlight for Sexy Blogs

I’ve been wanting to profile a bunch of sites that I’m interested in, and keep them in the spotlight so they don’t get lost among my other posts. So I’m unveiling my new G-Spotlight. Yay. : )

Plotting The Orgasm Chart

I’ve set up a very simple Orgasm Graph that shows my climax trend over the past week or so. What does it mean? Who knows. But it sure is fun trying to hit that big ten! Technorati : graph, masturbation, orgasm chart, sex, sexblogs Ice Rocket : geeky, masturbation, orgasm chart, sex, sexblogs, weird

Orgasms at Warp Speed and the Effects Thereof

The past two days I?ve been rating my orgasms on a scale of one to ten, thanks to a fantastic fucking idea that was suggested to me by Brad of Bradtastic.

Cybersex Protocol from a Cyber Babe

Most people are probably familiar with the concept of cybersex*, but there’s more to it than some would expect. You can’t just log into a chat server and jump right into it, even if you see others sceneing. There are protocols for behavior in sex channels, as there are for almost any kind of social […]

Other News: Wacky Ex-Girlfriend Thinks She’s Being Stalked by a Coffee Cup

Another oddity before I go to bed: an old girlfriend of mine dropped by while I was eating lunch. She’s a voluble chick, almost never has a problem keeping the flow of conversation going. Today, though, she wouldn’t meet my eyes, kept giggling nervously and giving me odd, penetrating little glances that I’d barely catch. […]

Perfecting the Art of Crappy Cam Photography

Even though I know that my phone’s camera sucks, I can’t stop trying to make it do something it’s incapable of. I’m not all that photogenic, but then again, I’m not grainy and blurred-looking, either. Ipso facto, camera is lousy. I can’t even find the “enhance boobage” feature. I know there has to be such […]