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We’re a Threesome, Now

Just the other week I introduced my friend Brooke as a writer for Cyberspace Babes, and now I’m going to introduce you to Cassandra. Or rather, re-introduce you, since she’s already posted. As part of my nefarious plan to make CSB into the site I first envisioned when I registered the domain lo, these many […]

Steampunk, Sex Toys & Porn

I love paraphernalia If there’s one thing I truly, unfailingly get off on, it’s a good sex toy. Browsing through places like Babeland, I get excited, literally aroused. In a lot of ways, it’s much better than pornography: I know that I can get what I want, when I want it (give or take the […]

Weblins Gone Wild

Click the image for a video of my weblin dancing across Pownce. Click here to view the larger image on Flickr. Weblins are tiny little avatars that can dance around on any browser page. You can change the look, animations, even create your own from scratch. And the best part? You can chat and interact […]

Bukkake Robin

Bukkake Robin is one of the funnier ones I’ve seen so far. I’ve always been a big fan of Golden and Silver Age comics, as cheesy as they are. This site gathers the best goofy bits all together. And who doesn’t love bukkake, anyway?

Now you, too, can play with my udders. Utterz. Whatever.

I signed up for an Utterz account a while back, thinking it’d be easier to just call in and talk to myself. I’ve only just now gotten around to it, mostly because I’ve been running this episode with a friend through my head over and over. So instead of over-filling my friends’ ears with it, […]

Rewriting stories that are neither pure erotica nor pure fiction

I almost always find fumbling replies to my flirtations totally charming.  My fumblings and stupidity I find incredibly embarrassing, though.  Odd, that.  Feeling stupid over someone (and showing it!) is quite possibly one of the worst things about crushes.  In any case, that’s not what this post is really about. Merely an observation. So, on […]

All a-Twitter

Crap. I signed up for a new account at; almost unintentionally. Sort of. I sign up for a lot of stuff, just to check it out and then forget all about it until I have to unsubscribe from the service’s mailing list. So I have a new rule this year, a resolution, if you […]

WordPress Plugin Generator

Since I first started using WordPress I’ve been idly thinking about writing a plugin. I didn’t have any great ideas that hadn’t been done before, nor anything I really needed; I just wanted to learn. The other day I decided I wanted to alter the plugin that runs my orgasm chart (Pasi Matilainen’s Simple Graph […]