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A Man in My Panties

Okay, I did it, I got a guy in my panties for a quick photo shoot. After a comment in my Manties post (thanks for getting me thinking, polymath!), I thought about it and decided I’d just ask some random person to do it. It didn’t need to be a partner of mine, per se, […]

Manties & More Men in Panties

I’ve been spending some of my free time searching for more men in lingerie and panties sites. Most are pay sites, and if I signed up for every genre I’m interested in, I’d soon be broke. So I refrain. ‘Cuz I’m cheap. But mostly because I’m more interested in guys who enjoy wearing women’s underwear, […]

Bend Over, Gender

My guy and I are both bisexual. We were up late last night, talking in a sultry, desultory way, when our conversation took an unexpected turn. I confessed that I felt somewhat insecure about the size of my Nexus and Feeldoe. It’s ridiculous, feeling that my dildo might be inadequate. Don’t I always say it’s […]

Men in Panties

I’ve had a couple people ask me why there were no men in panties in my Man Panties post, and I’ve noticed a lot of traffic to it, so I thought I’d post a few links here. My personal favorite is Panty Paul, not because he’s deliciously hot, but because he’s a crossdresser himself. He’s […]

Man Panties

I’ve always loved seeing people prance around in their underwear. After seeing these videos advertising Patriot Briefs with the new “wondercup” technology, I think it’s developed into a full-fledged fetish. I don’t think I’ve seen a pelvic bulge show to such advantage before. Guys: please go buy these now. And please, take some action shots […]

Who Wants a Spanking?

Once in a while, I love a good spanking. Giving as well as receiving, but I’m more likely to give them. Sometimes spankings are given in a punishment scenario, mostly because I love to combine role-playing with damn near anything. There’s nothing like disciplining the naughty. I’ve used a flogger and paddle before, but openhanded […]

The Electric Enema and Other Erotic Tales

I frequently screw around with Google, looking for weird porn. I really wasn’t expecting anything to come up for “electric enema” but lo, and behold: The Electric enema hand-tool with splash guard is used for exotic laboratory experiments. True, it’s actually a piece of art by Clayton G. Bailey, a ceramic sculptor. The front page […]

Torturous Restraints & Other Ideas

Sexual torture has always intrigued me. I know that most people think of whips and chains and pain, but when I think of the word torture, I think of the exquisite build up of anticipation, the exhilaration of the unpredictable, capricious thrust of the tongue or cock. Straining toward satiation, yet reveling in the tightly […]