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I Heart Steampunk and Cthulhu Bondage Masks

And you should, too. Thanks to my rant over the lack of streampunk in porn, a few people pointed me in a direction I hadn’t previously considered: bondage. Hoods and masks aren’t unusual in BDSM porn, and if I’d thought about it, I’d’ve realized that where there’s many, there’s a better chance of finding a […]

All I want is a good spanking, so stop asking questions

I’m not going to get too technical in this post. Not that I’m even qualified to do so. I think I’d have to have a much better grasp of psychology, as well as BDSM. I merely want to say that it bothers me when people take issue with the fact that I take pleasure in […]

I’m stoked about being asked to contribute to Mercy’s cool blog

So, Mercy managed to convince me to start contributing to Cyberspace Babes, offering real-life sex in exchange for posts, so I accepted, being as I lust after her so badly. Actually, I accepted because I have a genuine interest in human sexuality — something Mercy and I have in common. And I always considered her […]

D/s Lifestyle vs. D/s play

Okay, I keep starting drafts for this post and then scrapping them, looking for the perfect post. I was warned that doing that ends up getting you nothing. So here goes *something* I hope. I know there are people who live the D/s lifestyle 24/7. But is that how most people approach it? Personally, I […]

Flickr keeps getting better and better

I’ve been planning to make some lingerie for holiday gifts this year. Looking for inspiration, I checked out Flickr and was lucky enough to have a couple guys in panties show up in my search results. I came across the group Men Who Wear Panties & Lingerie while I was browsing through them.  One of […]

He Wears Panties

Another one for my men-in-panties fetish: He Wears Panties. This one isn’t a porn site, or even all that risque. In fact, the models (most of whom are women) have their breasts blocked out.  The latest post talks about bodystockings for men–something I hadn’t thought about previously.  Fodder for my imagination, with or without images.  […]


I’ve mentioned Manties before.  From time to time, I spend a few hours searching for something comparable in the “men in panties” category. Sometimes I bag the bogus. It seems that even Mars (yup, the big candy conglomerate) has  gotten into the game. Maybe they’re not truly selling panty hose to guys, but they’re using […]

Yiff my Orangina

Evidently this is a commercial for a drink called Orangina. Sounds okayish as a drink. As a brand name, my first thought was that it was a cute new word for orangutan vagina. Not something I’d normally be interested in, but it was on Boinkology, and I’ve been getting a big kick out of the […]