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In Search of a Glory Hole

Some change would be scattered on the lady?s counter (and it was always a lady?this was a girl/girl fantasy, after all) and if you arranged the coins in an idle, surreptitious way, she would know what particular service you wanted to include in your wash-and-blow-dry. Three coins in a line, standard oral, some finger dipping, clit licking, nothing fancy. Three-two-two in a line, full service.

Nescient Voyeurism

…should I call it reverse voyeurism? Judge for yourself.
One of the many wonderful things about clothes with elastic waistbands is the ability to masturbate in public with none the wiser. I just…

Dental Damsel

I hate dentist appointments. Not because I’ve ever been tortured there; in fact, that would be a nice change of pace. It’s so boring, lounging around, staring at the ceiling, avoiding eye contact with your dentist and his bunny-print-clad assistant. Today, however, the stars that govern mastication and its acolytes must have been perfectly aligned, […]