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So there’s this guy who’s all into unicorns.  I’m not talking about Unicorn Planet (which is stupid, hilarous, and creepy all at once), this guy’s got it bad for “Charlie Goes To Candy Mountain“.  So of course that gets me thinking about unicorn porn and how I want to get some for him to cure this itch […]

Creating Your Own Erotic Dreams

I’ve had people ask me if the dreams I’ve posted are ones I’ve actually had or if they were erotica presented as wet dreams. Some people think they’re too coherent, or that I’ve elaborated on a fragment or idea I’ve encountered in slumber. They’re real. As real as dreams can be, anyway. I’ve always had […]

A Dream Lost and Won

Another morning, another recovery from the realms of sleep. This morning I woke, bolting upright in a sweat, fearful and strangely aroused. More often than not, I recall my dreams vividly. Not so this morning. I blinked back the rivulets of sweat that blurred my sight and turned my eyes toward the window. Still dark. […]

Another Dream: Man or Machine?

It’s pouring tonight, and I’m sitting on the patio as I type. After so many warm, dry days, I feel clean and refreshed. I love the rain. I just spent the last half hour watching the shimmer of it sleet down and chatting pleasantly with an old friend of mine. We hadn’t talked at all […]

The Power of Dreams

It’s after midnight, and after such a long, tiring day I can’t sleep. Or maybe it’s that I don’t really want to. I don’t have the energy for the sexual feats I’ve been engaging in in my dreams. They leave me exhausted some mornings. Not because I thrash and turn in my sleep; I wouldn’t […]

Reflections on a Morning Masturbation

Most mornings I drag myself out of bed and onto my yoga mat. Once in a while, though, I have more urgent matters to attend to: relieving the effects of a dream that’s been interrupted just before its climax. Last night I had vague and hazy dreams of a series of partners encountered in the […]

Frot Me, Baby

When I went to school up in San Jose, I was introduced to the light rail system and a whole new fantasy: frottage. Most of the time I was able to obtain a seat, but the days when I had to stand…well, I was always on the look out for someone to play a starring […]

Wet Dreams Gone Awry

I’ve always had wet dreams, on a fairly regular-though not frequent-basis. Lately those dreams have occurred almost nightly, diverging from the norm (for me) by a startling degree. Previously, they were recognizable as reflections of fantasies I’d indulged in during my “me-time”, or elaborations on a passing thought or face. Some based loosely on past […]