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I’m bisexual. I know more about it than you.

Frot Me, Baby

When I went to school up in San Jose, I was introduced to the light rail system and a whole new fantasy: frottage. Most of the time I was able to obtain a seat, but the days when I had to stand…well, I was always on the look out for someone to play a starring […]

My Bisexually Apperceived Bias

[edit: I should have titled this “My Apperceived Bisexuality Bias” instead. Too late now, I pinged everybody, but I just can’t stand leaving my mistakes uncorrected.] I had a peculiar encounter at the gym this afternoon. I was sitting in the steam room, eyes demurely downcast when a woman sat down across from me and […]

Vintage Cars & Vintage Sex

I followed a stranger I saw in opposing traffic today. For miles. Actually, it was only three, but still. I didn’t even get a glimpse of the unknown’s face until she turned into a shopping mall parking lot. She. Driving a late fifties Plymouth Sport Fury. Not my dream car, but damn close enough. I’d […]

In Search of Other Bisexuals

I?m at a loss as to how people can tell that I?m bisexual. A friend of mine told me that she?d known from the moment she met me, that I just look bisexual.

Girl-on-Girl Tea Bagging

I?ve had a bag boy fantasy for years. I?m sure the scenario is familiar: nice young man helps a lady in a brazenly short,tight skirt load her groceries into her trunk. Nice young man yields to the seductive voice of the Dark Side and slips a hand between her parted thighs. Within moments, the car windows are steamed over and the two are doing their best to break the chassis.

Studs & Femmes, Yin & Yang

I’m a Taoist. I’m bisexual. I’m also a Bitch, but that’s another story.
I’ve always been a little dubious about relegating certain behaviors to either sex.