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I’m bisexual. I know more about it than you.

CA’s Same-sex Marriage Ban goes POOF

I blogged about it on my bisexuality blog, but why not spread it even further? We’re now the second U.S. state to allow same-sex marriages! It’s exciting news for most of us. Even though I won’t be marrying anyone, man or woman, a heart-squeezing fist of happiness keeps pressing out random grins when I think […]

Post V-Day

The only really great thing about Valentine’s Day is the bling. Glitter, hearts, roses, satin panties, and—this year’s choice for me—pink cupcakes. Oh, and tequila. The other good thing about V-Day is the desperation and callous predation that seems to strike a large number of the population. I used to discount it until I came […]

Bi Sex

A while back there was a post on Boinkology speculating on which was better: hetero-sex or gay-sex? I couldn’t decide, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Certainly, it’s not the first time I’ve come across the question, though usually it’s in a somewhat private venue. If by “somewhat private” we also count those […]

Bisexuality ain’t a come-on

Oops, this was an accidental double-post. You can read it on the Bisexuality Revamped blog here.

A New Bisexuality Blog

I signed up for a blog just so I could get an API key for YouTube, and that was only because I wanted to post the Ducky Doolittle video. (I’m smitten with Ducky. She makes me go misty.) I felt extremely lucky that my first choice,, was available. In case you hadn’t noticed, […]

Could I Have Been Straight?

I’ve been thinking since my last post. Do we choose to be sexually inhibited? Or straight or bisexual or gay or anything else? They say that experiences shape who we are. If not for mine, would I be someone else today? Might I be one of those prim and proper people, exclaiming ewww over a […]

An Evening Outing

Coffee. Congeniality. Random passersby to objectify. It’s a good way to spend the evening. I meet up with a few friends for coffee or beer regularly. You could call it a girls’ night out, but some of us are men. The idea’s the same, though: good food, drinks, lots of bullshitting, laughing confessions of embarrassing […]

Reflections on a Morning Masturbation

Most mornings I drag myself out of bed and onto my yoga mat. Once in a while, though, I have more urgent matters to attend to: relieving the effects of a dream that’s been interrupted just before its climax. Last night I had vague and hazy dreams of a series of partners encountered in the […]