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Only women are interested in giving better fellatio?

Tonight on Twitter, TheBetterSexDoc posted a tweet promoting a page containing tips on how to perform better fellatio. Only thing is, the Doc, who is identified as Dr. Mia Glanville as the user behind the tweets, promoted the page as something for women only. I did a double-take! Sorry, but I just never heard of […]

All I want is a good spanking, so stop asking questions

I’m not going to get too technical in this post. Not that I’m even qualified to do so. I think I’d have to have a much better grasp of psychology, as well as BDSM. I merely want to say that it bothers me when people take issue with the fact that I take pleasure in […]

I’m stoked about being asked to contribute to Mercy’s cool blog

So, Mercy managed to convince me to start contributing to Cyberspace Babes, offering real-life sex in exchange for posts, so I accepted, being as I lust after her so badly. Actually, I accepted because I have a genuine interest in human sexuality — something Mercy and I have in common. And I always considered her […]