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I’m Jenna Leng, and this is me:
'Da blues
The things about me that you should know:
I am a sex-positive feminist. I love sci-fi, get a little miffed around the edges when it comes to fantasy, but I deal with it. Unlike most people, I love labels, and plaster them all over myself indiscriminately and yes, even with glee. I’m bisexual, pansexual, ungendered, a Queer. I’m a Taoist. I’m a bitch. I’m a business owner. I’m neek. (Nerd + geek—a class higher than those damn gerds.) I’m also, as most people will tell you, a pain in the ass. I live a carefree life full of love, bubbles, rainbows, sunshine, and pixie sticks.

Elsewhere on the web

Twitter is where you can find me more often than not. And you can definitely see what I’m doing at any given moment.
Or you can just send me a tweet. I like when you do that.

Flickr, which mostly consists of Second Life stuff, but occasionally other junk that really shouldn’t be cluttering up the web.

Nonchalance I am Lienna Jael in Second Life. I spend a lot of time looking at the erotic and exotic side of the virtual experience. Come play with me.

I mostly post images and clips of articles that I like on Tumblr.

I also occasionally use Utterz, and those get posted to this site. Usually.

Google Reader, rather new for me, since I’ve just switched from Netvibes. Check it out, you can see what I’m reading:

Contact info
coquette [at] for all of your general mail and IMing needs
Mercy [at] for blog- and site-specific stuff

Nymphomania: Collect Them All!

How many times have you heard or read the term nymphomaniac? Ever known it to be applied to a man? It’s surprising that many people seem to think this is an actual disease. Yes, there’s such a thing as sexual addiction. Nymphomania, applying only as it does to women and furthering the idea that sexual […]

Another Jaunt in Second Life: ISO Santa

I spent a few hours in Second Life last night, getting different ideas for stories. Having the PixelPulse Reporter title is so awesome, because hot women want to talk to you. I visited different peep-show and strip clubs, and I loved that most of them were idealized versions of what such clubs should be. Of […]

Sticking It To The Man

I’ve heard the story many times before, and it never gets old. I certainly don’t mean that I enjoy it. Last night I was at a friend’s party celebrating, of all things, a successful hair transplant. Personally, I think it’s a totally vain and sinfully wasteful way to spend your hard-earned cash–bald or balding is […]

Who Wants a Spanking?

Once in a while, I love a good spanking. Giving as well as receiving, but I’m more likely to give them. Sometimes spankings are given in a punishment scenario, mostly because I love to combine role-playing with damn near anything. There’s nothing like disciplining the naughty. I’ve used a flogger and paddle before, but openhanded […]

G-Spotlight: A Slip of a Girl

When it comes to intimate couture, I love seeing it, but not wearing it. I really don’t feel comfortable in lace or sheer fabrics. I’m more the vinyl and leather kind of girl; the closest I get to lingerie is plain satin, and it’d better be black or red. On others, though, lingerie is incredibly […]

Another Dream: Man or Machine?

It’s pouring tonight, and I’m sitting on the patio as I type. After so many warm, dry days, I feel clean and refreshed. I love the rain. I just spent the last half hour watching the shimmer of it sleet down and chatting pleasantly with an old friend of mine. We hadn’t talked at all […]

G-Spotlight: 5 Finger Pie

While it’s not a sex blog per se, it’s written by a very sexy woman, and the site’s name, 5 Finger Pie, sends all kinds of salacious images careening through my mind and little licks of electricity tingling in my extremities.

G-Spotlight: Viviane’s Sex Carnival

It’s like Mardi Gras for my clitoris. And what a carnival it is, too! There are so many things there to titillate even the most jaded appetite.