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I’m Jenna Leng, and this is me:
'Da blues
The things about me that you should know:
I am a sex-positive feminist. I love sci-fi, get a little miffed around the edges when it comes to fantasy, but I deal with it. Unlike most people, I love labels, and plaster them all over myself indiscriminately and yes, even with glee. I’m bisexual, pansexual, ungendered, a Queer. I’m a Taoist. I’m a bitch. I’m a business owner. I’m neek. (Nerd + geek—a class higher than those damn gerds.) I’m also, as most people will tell you, a pain in the ass. I live a carefree life full of love, bubbles, rainbows, sunshine, and pixie sticks.

Elsewhere on the web

Twitter is where you can find me more often than not. And you can definitely see what I’m doing at any given moment.
Or you can just send me a tweet. I like when you do that.

Flickr, which mostly consists of Second Life stuff, but occasionally other junk that really shouldn’t be cluttering up the web.

Nonchalance I am Lienna Jael in Second Life. I spend a lot of time looking at the erotic and exotic side of the virtual experience. Come play with me.

I mostly post images and clips of articles that I like on Tumblr.

I also occasionally use Utterz, and those get posted to this site. Usually.

Google Reader, rather new for me, since I’ve just switched from Netvibes. Check it out, you can see what I’m reading:

Contact info
coquette [at] for all of your general mail and IMing needs
Mercy [at] for blog- and site-specific stuff

A New Bisexuality Blog

I signed up for a blog just so I could get an API key for YouTube, and that was only because I wanted to post the Ducky Doolittle video. (I’m smitten with Ducky. She makes me go misty.) I felt extremely lucky that my first choice,, was available. In case you hadn’t noticed, […]

Creating Your Own Erotic Dreams

I’ve had people ask me if the dreams I’ve posted are ones I’ve actually had or if they were erotica presented as wet dreams. Some people think they’re too coherent, or that I’ve elaborated on a fragment or idea I’ve encountered in slumber. They’re real. As real as dreams can be, anyway. I’ve always had […]

A Dream Lost and Won

Another morning, another recovery from the realms of sleep. This morning I woke, bolting upright in a sweat, fearful and strangely aroused. More often than not, I recall my dreams vividly. Not so this morning. I blinked back the rivulets of sweat that blurred my sight and turned my eyes toward the window. Still dark. […]

Men in Panties

I’ve had a couple people ask me why there were no men in panties in my Man Panties post, and I’ve noticed a lot of traffic to it, so I thought I’d post a few links here. My personal favorite is Panty Paul, not because he’s deliciously hot, but because he’s a crossdresser himself. He’s […]

Size Matters

I was out boozing it up with a friend last night. We were unlucky enough to get hit on by one of those morose, self-conscious morons who think that whining will get them a pity fuck. Now, just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean I go around stomping on people like that with both […]

Man Panties

I’ve always loved seeing people prance around in their underwear. After seeing these videos advertising Patriot Briefs with the new “wondercup” technology, I think it’s developed into a full-fledged fetish. I don’t think I’ve seen a pelvic bulge show to such advantage before. Guys: please go buy these now. And please, take some action shots […]

G-Spotlight: Dangerous Femme: Mistress Betka’s BDSM Fetish Sex Blog

Update: Betka’s sites are no longer live, and I have no idea when or if they’ll be back. As of now (April, 2008), both sites linked forward to regular porn sites. Betka Schpitz is fucking hot. Her curvaceous, vinyl-clad image grabbed me the moment I laid eyes on her picture, and to tell the truth […]

The Amazing Ducky DooLittle

I just finished reading her incredible book recently, Sex With the Lights On, and saw this video on Susie Bright’s blog. I had to have it here for myself, and to share with others, of course. ; ) If you haven’t heard of Ducky before, let me introduce you to a sexy sex educator, author, […]