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I’m Jenna Leng, and this is me:
'Da blues
The things about me that you should know:
I am a sex-positive feminist. I love sci-fi, get a little miffed around the edges when it comes to fantasy, but I deal with it. Unlike most people, I love labels, and plaster them all over myself indiscriminately and yes, even with glee. I’m bisexual, pansexual, ungendered, a Queer. I’m a Taoist. I’m a bitch. I’m a business owner. I’m neek. (Nerd + geek—a class higher than those damn gerds.) I’m also, as most people will tell you, a pain in the ass. I live a carefree life full of love, bubbles, rainbows, sunshine, and pixie sticks.

Elsewhere on the web

Twitter is where you can find me more often than not. And you can definitely see what I’m doing at any given moment.
Or you can just send me a tweet. I like when you do that.

Flickr, which mostly consists of Second Life stuff, but occasionally other junk that really shouldn’t be cluttering up the web.

Nonchalance I am Lienna Jael in Second Life. I spend a lot of time looking at the erotic and exotic side of the virtual experience. Come play with me.

I mostly post images and clips of articles that I like on Tumblr.

I also occasionally use Utterz, and those get posted to this site. Usually.

Google Reader, rather new for me, since I’ve just switched from Netvibes. Check it out, you can see what I’m reading:

Contact info
coquette [at] for all of your general mail and IMing needs
Mercy [at] for blog- and site-specific stuff

Image of Me Repost

Ugh, I just noticed that my Images page is linking to the /images/ folder on my server, and I have no idea which folder they’re really in. So here’s a few until I can remember where the damn things went. So here they are again—in no particular order—for those of you who were asking (all […]

Caught My First Virtual Man

Look! I caught a man! This is an old and very good friend of mine who’s just signed up for a Second Life account: Teufeltanz Vansant. I coerced him into Cheri’s cage. I meant to bind him up in the courtyard, too, but he got disconnected. *sigh* Next time. Orion (237, 12, 47)

Bound in Second Life

Bound in the PixelPulse Headquarters' courtyard. How I wish… Orion (227, 72, 42)

The Missing Touch of the Taboo

Okay, so Eucalingus was right: this isn’t chocolate. We were talking about (read: lusting over) this lovely image a few days ago, and this morning I came across it again at CyberDyke‘s Pic of the Day page. (You can see the POTD in the right sidebar.) We’re both totally in love with this site. I […]

MMF Free Porn

Okay, I snagged these off of another site (obviously), but I want to look at them in the morning. Don’t want to lose the link, either. I just got off so I’m not in the mood right now. But I will be. I surfed into this site from Sweat Shop Sissy’s blog. (Thanks, S3!) Anyone […]

CyDy Blog’s Call For Submissions

I’ve seen some interesting calls for submissions on the CyDy Blog lately. One is of particular interest to me, although I’m not a lesbian. Entitled “Visible: A Femmethology”, Merge Press is looking to create an anthology of writing on queer femme identity. Aside from quite a lot of lesbians-for-lesbians pornography and male fantasies, femmes are […]

G-Spotlight: Big Butt Nicole’s Blog

I have a new blogger to add to my list of favorites: Big Butt Nicole. She puts the beautiful in BBW. Her blog is part of her porn site (in the amateur BBW genre), and one of the things I particularly like about this blog is that it’s truly a personal blog. So many sites […]

Morning Wood

I’m so randy right now. There’s a knot behind my pubic bone, driving me crazy with the urge to have it stroked and fucked and pounded out. Is this similar to morning wood, I wonder? Why this agonizing need for satiation? Maybe another wet dream that I’ve forgotten. I’m barely awake, too…still trying to grasp […]